Entrevista para o DC Shorts Film Festival

Semana passada, respondi algumas perguntas para Zander Sirlin, do festival DC Shorts . Conversamos brevemente sobre o filme, sobre minhas influências, e outras coisas.

A entrevista pode ser vista no blog deles.

De qualquer modo, segue o texto, como foi publicado no blog do Festival (em inglês):

Filmmaker Interview: Alexandre Camargo, Writer/Co-Producer/Co-Director of “The Angels in the Middle of the Square”

by Zander Sirlin

For this interview, I spoke with Alexandre Camargo concerning his animated film, “Os Anos Do Meio Da Praça”, which translates to “The Angels in the Middle of the Square.”
Camargo’s film, a representative of DC Shorts’ partnership with the Embassy of Brazil, is an animated fable about angels who have fallen to Earth only to be caged up in the middle of a town square and fed people’s forgotten dreams. The film uses a fantastical art style to tell the kind of imaginative story that only animation can tell.

“Os Anjos Do Meio Da Praça” has been playing at many festivals including the Brazilian Film Festival of Toronto, where it was awarded Best Director and Best Picture, and the Grand Prix Brazilian Cinema, where it was a finalist for Best Short Animation.

What first got you interested in film?
Since I was very young, I always have been fascinated with storytelling. Also, all my first memories are probably from films and animations – small fragments, one or another piece of a dream, here and there. I still remember the nightmares I had with that Koko the Clown character from the old Betty Boop films!

Is there any real story or event that inspired the making of your film? Where did the idea for the film come from?
The original story of “Anjos” came to me in a dream. I awakened in early dawn – a little scared, maybe – with this strange tale in my mind, about fallen angels in a small village. I wrote it down, and never really forgot about it. Years later me and my wife Camila (also my co-producer and director) used that as a starting point for our film screenplay.

How would you describe your background in film? What education or experience do you have in filmmaking?
I’m self taught – all that I know I’ve learned at the trenches, so to speak – making animated films for advertising, short films and the like.

How would you describe the film “scene” in Brazil?
There are a lot of new short films being produced , as well as animated series for TV, and feature films. There are lots of obstacles, of course, but I believe we are just entering a great time in animation here in Brazil.

What technology/programs did you use to create the film?
We used Autodesk Maya for the 3d animation, and Apple Shake and FinalCut for the compositing and post-production.

Where can readers view your work and learn more about you?
We have a website: www.bubafilmes.com .

“Os Anjos do Meio da Praça” is playing with seven other great short films in DC Shorts Showcase #3.